Voluntary Assisted Dying

Dying at Time of Choice

At Natural Grace we deeply respect your right to access the choices available to you under the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. We support your decision to control the time of your death and would be honoured to assist you in planning for your end of life and dying time.

Our offering has been designed to include the service and care we feel may be useful to you at this time.
We warmly invite you to contribute to the makeup of this offering and embrace your suggestions and input.

Dying at Time of Choice planning and support service:

This offering includes:

  • Initial meeting to meet you and introduce ourselves and to explore the elements of end of life and deathcare that may be applicable to you and your situation.
    These elements may include:
    ~ Social and emotional support for you and your care circle.
    ~ Communication with family, friends, and community.
    ~ Preference of location for end of life and dying.
    ~ After-death care, funeral planning, and choices.
    ~ Legal requirements.
    ~ Support with complying with Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation after death and any or all other forms of guidance and support as may be needed.
  • Preparation of a written End of Life and Dying Time Care Plan.
  • Subsequent meeting to share the End of Life and Dying Time Care Plan with people you love.
  • Support at the dying time including our presence in the home if desired or remote support with your Holistic Funeral Director who will be on standby and ready to attend if needed.
  • Attendance to provide care immediately after death including washing and dressing of the body if desired.

from $2,450

Additional Choices:

Home-based death care over the following 3 days –


Holistic Funeral Care suite of services – refer to the choices within our Options & Pricing

Next Steps:

The next step is to decide who will care for your family member after the time at home. You will need to decide on cemetery arrangements, and you may wish to hold a funeral ceremony or memorial service.

Natural Grace would be pleased to provide care for the next stage. Please refer to the choices within this price guide when making your decision.

Should you wish to engage an alternate funeral director, our service to you will be complete at the time you ask us complete the after death care.

Conditions apply to all offerings.
Prices effective as of July 2024 and may be subject to change.