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Here are the questions we get asked the most

Why choose Natural Grace Holistic Funeral Directors?
  • We specialise in environmentally-friendly funerals and we strongly believe that we can minimise the impact of funerals on the environment.
  • We are locally owned and independently operated by a community of compassionate and experienced Australian families. We are a chemical-free, sustainably-conscious company committed to caring for our environment and honouring your loved one in the way they deserve.
What do I need to do when there is an expected death?
  • Firstly, it is ok to slow down and to take your time. Only when you are ready, please call us so we can help make a plan to take care of you and of the person who has died. We may ask several questions to make sure you all are well taken care of and that you have the immediate support you need.
  • We would like to see you have a sleep and something to eat. Then to make an appointment and meet with you to discuss the next steps, to support you make any decisions, to assist with all the legal requirements and help with any assistance and care that you and your family need.
  • We are available to you on 03 5427 3112 all day – every day.
What do I need to do when my loved one is at the Coroner?
  • The caring staff at the Coroner will help you with the step-by-step process that needs to happen. Should you engage us here at Natural Grace to be your Funeral Director, we will be right beside you to support you in that process and to make sure you are well informed at all times.
  • We will work closely with the Coroner to safely transfer your family or community member into our care and to make sure you are always aware of where they are.
What is the difference between Coffins, Caskets and Shrouds?
  • A coffin is shaped more like a person, wide at the shoulders and narrow at the feet and usually with a removable lid while a casket is of rectangular shape usually with an attached lid. Shrouds are a sturdy, gentle and traditional cloth wrap used for both burial and cremation.
  • Natural Grace stocks a range of environmentally conscious options for you to choose from.
Cremation, burial and natural burial options.

We are here to support you with your choice of conventional or natural cremation or burial options. With a growth in natural burial locations, you now have greater choice and broader access to this low impact and beautiful burial opportunity.

What options do I have in minimising environmental impact?
  • Choosing to use natural products in caring for your loved ones and options of shrouded cremation, natural burial methods and sustainable coffins will dramatically reduce any environmental impacts.
  • By creating ceremonies and post ceremony refreshments in your local community will reduce emissions and car mileage.
  • Offsetting the resource consumption by planting a tree for your person. Talk to us about the options available.
How long until the funeral?

We encourage families to take time to adjust to the death and to rest. In our experience somewhere between 5 and 10 days is a very normal and manageable timeframe for a funeral. It is important not to rush so we can allow for enough time to create an authentic and memorable ceremony. When the coroner is involved, this timeline often may be extended.

What is the difference between a Funeral Director and a Celebrant?
  • A Funeral Director will walk alongside you to help create a memorable and beautiful funeral including any legal and administration needs, transport and care of the person who has died, bookings and arrangements for venues, catering, newspaper notices and everything needed to arrange this special occasion.
  • A Celebrant will help you construct a ceremony to reflect the life lived and to tell the story of the person and their family, friends, and community. The Celebrant will lead the ceremony on the day and work alongside your Funeral Director to ensure everything runs smoothly.