Authentic, sustainable & beautiful funeral care for you, your family & community

When someone we love dies, it is natural to experience a range of emotions including shock, anger, sadness and fear. It can be an incredibly difficult time and hard to focus on anything – let alone planning a funeral. At Natural Grace, our aim is to reduce stress and confusion. We will help you every step of the way to ensure your experience is manageable and smooth, allowing you to focus on honouring your loved one and saying goodbye — the way it should be.

Our offering

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Respectful Cremation

Ceremony Choices

We are honoured to support you in whatever form of care you choose. Explore the different types of ceremonies we support.

Family Led Funeral

Options & Pricing

We intend to always stay transparent with the costs involved in holding a funeral and have provided our standard options and pricing as a starting point.

Coffins, Shrouds & Urns

Browse through the many options of coffins, shrouds and urns. All examples are selected for their ecological integrity.