What is an eco-friendly green funeral?

People are surprised when we talk about providing environmentally sustainable green funerals.  This is quickly followed by curiosity, and questions about sustainable coffins and we would like to show you that sustainable and green funerals extend far beyond a coffin.

In practice, sustainable funerals include how we care for the deceased, the funeral service and the burial.

In principle, being environmentally and socially sustainable is our core value of Natural Grace and provides the foundation for everything we do.

How we care for the deceased

Every person deserves to be cherished in both life and in death. We express this by only using natural products when caring for the deceased, which includes warm water, essential oils, goats milk soap and organic skin and hair care products.

* There are rare cases when the law requires a body to be embalmed – we encourage families to embalm only when necessary.

Sustainable and green funeral services

At Natural Grace, we specialise in arranging funeral ceremonies in spaces that are meaningful to the family and utilising your existing community resources. Through this practice, we are able to genuinely honour the deceased and their many relationships.

We encourage families to choose locally sourced and made organic food and flowers, only print what is necessary, print on recycled paper sourced from local suppliers, minimise packaging and be as efficient as possible with fuel use.

Natural burial and shrouded cremation

This is where we talk about coffin choices. We are proud to have an environmentally sustainable range of coffins, shrouds and urns. These are provided by certified suppliers and made from sustainably sourced wool, wicker, timbers and fabrics.

There is increasing interest in natural burial grounds, which are natural environments where the deceased may be buried in sustainable coffins or shrouds and with a marker such as a native tree or simply a location identified on a map. We support the use and development of natural burial grounds and will readily explore these green options with you and your family.

Giving back to the environment

To continue giving back to the environment, we offset the carbon emissions from our vehicles through ‘Green Fleet’ and our operations by supporting our local Landcare group. We also encourage families to offset the funeral service of their loved one through 15 Trees.

Sustainability Policy

We have designed and created a Sustainability Policy so we can articulate exactly what we believe in, and hold ourselves accountable to those beliefs.

Talk to us

As well as describing the main characteristics of eco-friendly green funerals on this page, we also incorporate environmental and social sustainability in our day-to-day operations.

If you would like to know more about eco-friendly and green funerals or what we do here at Natural Grace, we would love to hear from you. Call or visit us at either our Melbourne care centre located in Brunswick East or our Woodend Sanctuary in the Macedon Ranges.

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Alternative Natural Environmentally Friendly Burial Options

Planning a funeral for your loved one can be incredibly difficult. While saying goodbye is never easy, it is good to know that there are environmentally friendly burial options available to you, allowing something to be given back to the earth.

Whether a green burial in Australia was a lasting wish for your loved one or not, at Natural Grace, we can support you to create the perfect environmentally friendly burial, allowing you, your family and friends the opportunity to say goodbye. 

Our Green Burial Options

Choosing to have a sustainable funeral means that death does not have such a huge effect on the environment. When traditional funerals are used, aspects from the embalming process through to the burial can have an impact on the earth, whereas a green alternative funeral aims to minimise this.

When you choose Natural Grace to help support you through planning a funeral service, we have different eco-friendly burial options allowing you to say goodbye is the most natural way possible.

You can choose whether to take care of the body yourself in your home or on our premises. You can be involved as much or as little as you choose. We use natural methods to prepare the body for burial or cremation, such as warm water and essential oils.

Why choose a green burial in Australia?

For the service, we can help you to be as eco-friendly as possible and this can include having flowers from your garden to using locally sourced food for the catering.

At Natural Grace, we also have a range of environmentally friendly coffins, shrouds and urns to place your loved one’s body or ashes in. These are made from sustainably sourced materials like wicker and wool.

After the funeral, you can continue to help the environment and balance out the effects of a funeral through choosing one of our suggested offset opportunities.

With all our natural burial options, we can support you with a simple funeral service. After all, as family and close friends, you are the people that knew your loved one best and therefore you can create the perfect way to say goodbye. Natural Grace helps you to plan a bespoke send-off that is truly personal.

Give back to the environment with a green funeral service

Death is an inevitable part of life and by choosing to have a green funeral service, you can be comforted knowing that your loved one’s death has not had a detrimental effect on the environment.

Natural Grace specialises in helping you to create the perfect sustainable funeral where your loved one can be given all the dignity and respect you would find in traditional funeral services but with authenticity, beauty and environmental responsibility.

When in a time of grief, organising a funeral can be difficult but Natural Grace is here to support you through every step with kind, caring and compassionate staff that really care and a dedicated staff member that works with you at every stage.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call or visit us today.

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