What is a vigil?

A vigil is a time where the family and community can come together to see their person one more time and say their personal farewells.

This may include being able to wash and dress their person if they want to with the guidance and support of a funeral director.

A vigil takes place between a person’s death, and their funeral, burial or cremation.

Vigils can be held at home or in our sanctuaries located in Warrnambool.

Natural Grace Offerings

You may choose to have the body of your person transferred to one Sanctuary in Warrnambool.

We will naturally and gently care for your person’s body during their time with us. You may choose to participate in the preparation of the body if you wish.

Please talk with us about holding a vigil. Our Warrnambool Sanctuary is comfortable and fully equipped for you to make a home away from home as you begin the planning of saying goodbye.

Our Warnambool Sanctuary is located at 82 Fairy Street, Warrnambool, offering sacred shelter for the dead, and gentle guidance for the living.

Vigil including ritual wash and/or dressing.

Whether your person is being cremated or buried, they can be dressed in an outfit of their choosing – or their family’s – from a favourite dress or sporting outfit, to a kilt, or jeans and t-shirt, or their birthday suit. And unless specified otherwise, every person in our care has a gentle ritual wash which may include a hair wash, and dry; a shave; or even nails trimmed and painted.

If you would like to be involved in the ritual washing and/or dressing of your person, we would be honoured to welcome you at one of our Sanctuaries. 

Natural Body Care


We have two different spaces where you can be with your person for vigil.

  • The Sanctuary at Warrnambool.
  • Your home – did you know you can hold a vigil at your home?

Talk to us

If you would like to know more about vigils at our Sanctuary or your home we would welcome your questions.

Contact us for a discussion, or to organise an appointment at our Warnambool Sanctuary.