Warrnambool Price Guide

Please find below a guide to all associated costs involved in our Holistic Funeral Care services. Please remember, these options are a guide and can be tailored to suit your needs as required. Once you have chosen from our standard options below, get in touch and we can discuss how to personalise our service to meet your needs and wishes.

Funeral Ceremony

Funeral Ceremony

At Natural Grace, we offer a highly specialised service that assists you to create a truly meaningful, sustainable, and beautiful ceremonies.

from $4,950

Respectful Cremation

Memorial Ceremony

Memorial Ceremonies include the same elements of Funeral Ceremonies with the only difference being that the person’s coffin is not present.


A Gathering


A Gathering is an informal occasion where a group of family and friends come together to farewell the person they love.

from $3,950

Respectful Cremation

Respectful Cremation
– no service

This offering meets all the legal and practical requirements for the care of a person who has died. It does not include a funeral service.


Natural Grace Family Led Funerals

Family-led Funeral
Celebration of Life

At the core of our tightly held values is the firm belief the families can care for their own dead and prepare their own funeral ceremonies and rituals.

Coffins, Shrouds & Urns

We have a handpicked range of environmentally- sustainable coffins, shrouds and urns to choose from including choices for natural burial and shrouded cremation.