It’s your choice

Please find below a few helpful things to consider when thinking about and planning a funeral. We are always happy to discuss a variety of options, or help you to create your own unique experience to remember your loved ones.

Natural Body Care

Green Funerals

Every funeral we arrange is sustainable and eco-friendly – so you can have a memorable service with minimal impact on the environment.

Flowers and Candle

Ceremony Choices

We are honoured to support you in whatever form of care you choose to honour the person who has died and to respect the needs of the living.

Home Based Death Care

Home-Based Death Care

We can support your decision to take all the time you need to adjust to the death and gently begin the preparation of your person’s body for the funeral.
Babies & Children

Babies & Children

A baby funeral service is something that no parent can ever imagine having to do. We can be involved as much or as little as you choose or need.



A vigil is a time where the family and community can come together to see their person one more time and say their personal farewells.

Lilydale Memorial Park

Natural Cemeteries

We follow natural burial principles at dedicated natural burial grounds and are also able to do so at traditional cemeteries.