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Fiona Umbers


Holistic Funeral Director
End of Life Doula | Holistic Funeral Guide

My life’s trajectory changed drastically at 28 when my only sibling died in a car accident, leaving me as the sole child for my grieving parents while I was caring for a newborn. This profound loss, coupled with the subsequent isolation I felt, was compounded by enduring four miscarriages between my two children. During this time, I was unaware that miscarriages could be acknowledged as significant losses worthy of grief, and I had no education on how to honour these lost lives beyond clinical procedures. 

My mother’s passing in September, highlighted the critical need for educating families about their end-of-life options. These conversations underscored that families don’t have to navigate death alone or be solely responsible for planning funerals without support. Learning about home-based death care was a revelation, showing that families can legally keep their loved ones at home, providing a comforting, personal environment during their final days. 

Now at Natural Grace, I am dedicated to community education about end-of-life care, particularly home-based death care. I work to ensure families know they can receive compassionate support and have access to resources that empower them to handle death without fear. This approach aims to demystify the process and provide comprehensive support, making sure no family feels isolated in their time of grief. 

Karen Scull


Holistic Funeral Director
End of Life Doula | Holistic Funeral Guide

My journey with end-of-life care began at nine, deeply influenced by my mother and grandmother’s work in a nursing home, where I witnessed natural death care firsthand. Spending time with dying individuals as a child profoundly impacted me, steering me towards a career working with people with disabilities, mental health and advocacy for the voiceless. A pivotal moment came when my mother died during a holiday visit. Thanks to our earlier end-of-life discussions, we navigated her final days with clarity and peace, avoiding any second-guessing about her wishes. 

In 2016, I enhanced my commitment by training as an end-of-life doula, organising death cafes, interviews, and talks to foster open conversations about death. After moving numerous times throughout my life, eight years ago I finally found my true home in Warrnambool. Immersing myself in this community, I identified a profound need for unique end-of-life care and started my own business as an end-of-life doula.  I supported people wishing to die at home to receive home based death care in a way that reflected their life and values, surrounded by family and friends.   

My dream has been to extend this support to include family led funerals directly from home for those that choose to care for their friend or family member from the moment of death, through the funeral ceremony up until burial or cremation.  Partnering with the team at Natural Grace, I realised my vision of integrating compassionate, holistic end-of-life care into Warrnambool.  

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Libby Moloney


Founder and Managing Director
End of Life Doula | Holistic Funeral Director

Founder and Managing Director of Natural Grace, Libby’s role is to nurture and develop our team and our business as we strive to provide authentic, sustainable and beautiful funeral care to our community. As holistic funeral care givers, Libby and her team will gently and respectfully walk alongside you on this important journey.

Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make empowered decisions and ultimately experience a meaningful and beautiful day to honour your family member or friend.

Jacqui Morgan

 General Manager
End of Life Doula | Holistic Funeral Director
Home Funeral Guide

Co-owner of Natural Grace, a holistic funeral director and our holistic mortician, Jacqui will work with you to provide a gentle and honouring transition. Jacqui will lovingly walk with you through all the decisions and planning to ensure your choices are honoured and your needs met.

With a gentle touch and a smile that warms your heart, Jacqui will take good care of you and yours.

Catherine Petropoulos


People & Culture Manager 
Business Development Lead

Catherine, an Australian lawyer with a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources) and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Victoria University, is the People & Culture Manager and Business Development Lead at Natural Grace. She fosters a culture of empathy and excellence across teams, drawing from her legal expertise and extensive experience in Inclusion and Diversity.

Having faced significant personal loss, Catherine is devoted to transforming the way people experience grief. Her approach to gender affirming death care ensures that inclusivity and respect are central to the care provided, allowing all people to die with dignity.

Catherine’s dedication to advocacy, governance, and compassionate care highlights her commitment to creating respectful and supportive environments in death care and beyond. Catherine’s mum is our Libby Moloney, and Libby is beyond proud to be joined at Natural Grace by her amazing daughter.