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‘I need your help’ were the first words out of my mouth when Libby picked up the phone. I was feeling out of my own mind/body and was very teary, but I also knew I needed to progress ‘things’ with the help of an expert. As I’ve told her (and anyone who’ll listen), I felt scooped up and cradled by her – and her team – through this miserable/lovely time. With the help and support of Natural Grace, I have been able to do all the ‘things’ necessary, carve out time for myself and my husbands loved ones and create experiences with her I didn’t realise were possible when a loved one passes away.

Libby and her team made it possible to smoothly navigate bureaucracy, geographic challenges and rituals of benefit to family and friends. An experienced hand dealing with someone like me who needed to hear information first to get to emotions, but also be able to deliver soothing words for those who lead with their emotions right away.

I was so very lucky to have found Natural Grace during my adored husband’s illness, and then to have called them for help when ‘that’ time came. I wholly recommend Natural Grace to anyone in need of help and supportive services over their difficult time. Know it is likely to help you in more ways than you might think.

Please also convey our thanks to Kiara, Keran and Kim for their assistance to us.

With sincere love and gratitude in my heart,
Jennifer Myers