Spiritual Traditions

Many families and communities honour their dead by holding a three-day vigil in the home after a death. This sacred opportunity allows the family to take the time and space needed to honour their specific prayers, practices and customs. With reverence, these families tenderly release the earthly form of the one they have loved over a period of a few days and gently begin the work of saying goodbye.

These sacred traditions are integral to many spiritual communities, yet our modern day funeral services have not made it easy to legally and comfortably keep a deceased person at home or lying in state in a sacred environment. Natural Grace are pioneers in providing funeral services to make this type of vigil possible. With our legal and practical assistance and our respectful and gentle understanding, we can help individuals or communities to legally and beautifully hold home-based family led vigils and funerals. Our assistance can be invaluable at this fragile time as it frees those involved to focus their attention on the spiritual support of the deceased and their community, rather than logistical concerns.

We also work with the cemeteries and crematoriums to insure that spiritual prayers, practice, or rituals can be accomplished during the final disposition.

Home-based family led after death and funeral care is a legal, possible and beautiful choice for anyone wishing to do this. It is not the sole domain of spiritual communities and in fact meets the deep psychological needs of many people irrespective of beliefs.


For more information, please click the following links:

National Home Funeral Alliance

National Death Advocacy Network


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