Do you have your heart set on an alternative or unusual funeral?

You should be able to have your wishes fulfilled even if they don’t fit into the normal funeral offerings.

We have successfully transported people interstate for burial in their homeland; we have transported people home straight from the hospital; we’ve facilitated the return of ashes of a child following miscarriage for burial at home; we’ve taken a plaster cast of a father’s hand so his baby can one day ‘hold his daddies’ hand; we’ve held sacred dressings of the dead with bespoke shrouds; held meditation rituals to help a lost soul cross the threshold and even brought in a psychic to help a sudden death victim who was still holding on.

We can facilitate anything as long as it is legal.  Please feel free to call us with your ideas and we will do our very best to creatively and carefully assist you to fulfil your wish.

Natural Grace is dedicated to researching every possibility to be authentic to you or your loved one.