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You Tube Videos

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Soul Anatomy Arts - ABC Australia

A wonderful short film about our dear friend and respected colleague Dr Pia Interlandi

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Natural Death Advocacy Network

We are a growing Australian network and advocacy partnership of community facilitators, professionals, activists and educators working to enrich the experience of dying and death. Our aim is to create an informative, innovative and transparent organisation advocating holistic approaches to dying and death through independent research and action. Our main areas of advocacy include death education, funeral planning, family lead funeral care, natural burial and bereavement care.

How about having something to LISTEN to?

Interview by Robyn Patton

Libby Moloney started her business Natural Grace Holistic Funeral Directors with a vision and passion to provide a truly empowered and authentic experience following the death of a loved one.

She shares why caring for our own is as important in death as it was during Life and why offering eco and sustainable options is only the tip of the iceberg in natural death care.

What’s the difference between traditional and conventional funerals (you’ll hear Libby lovingly educate me!), what does death literacy mean and Libby articulates for the first time her vision for a Sanctuary for babies and children.

Listen in and be inspired!