Plan a beautiful, heartfelt funeral
at an affordable price


Please find our current price list here
and learn how our services work.

Victorian consumer law requires all funeral directors to offer a low-cost all-inclusive option.  You will find this on our Price Guide detailed as our ‘Elemental’ offering.

We encourage you to phone more than one funeral company to get additional quotes and information – and determine which one also feels right for you. It’s not all about cost.


Enquire about a free no-obligation funeral planning session. This may be by phone, or in person.
We will discuss with you the type of funeral which will best honour your loved one’s memory. A funeral might be a simple cremation or full funeral or anything in between.


Raise any questions or special requests you may have. We are here to listen to what you would like.
Planning a funeral can be incredibly confusing – that’s why we give you plenty of time to ask questions and help you with any aspect you’re unsure of.


Receive your complementary Funeral Care Plan with a pricing guide.
You'll receive a tailored funeral care plan outlining every aspect of our service, so you can be confident knowing everything will run smoothly. We also provide an accurate price guide so you're not left wondering.


Take some time to review the details with your family.
You can take some time to think it over and discuss the plan with your family then simply get back in touch with us should you decide to move forward.


Give your person the farewell they would want and you need.
You will experience a beautiful, authentic and gentle funeral that honours the life of your loved one and allows your family to say a meaningful and heartfelt farewell.


You and your family receive ongoing care and support.
We continue to assist you after the funeral or cremation, offering guidance on managing ashes or choosing a headstone. We also provide referrals for grief support when needed.