Planning Ahead


Your family and friends will thank you!

People are all different group

We are all so different, and at Natural Grace we don’t believe one size fits all. So we offer complementary pre-planning which you can do while you’re fit and healthy – or if you are not.

This allows you to determine burial or cremation, coffin or shroud, funeral or not, what music you’d like, whether you have favourite clothes you’d like to be dressed in…

You can add as much detail as you would like from poems, readings, pall bearers, family and friends involvement – or simply saying I’d like to be cremated (or buried) and leave the rest up to my family – this will be of enormous help. 

Imagine your family and friends having to start from scratch whilst in a place of grief, anger, confusion, hurt, relief..

Pre-planning your funeral is a gift of love for those you leave behind.

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