Urns can be used for scattering ashes, having a water burial, or to bury ashes in the ground. They can be as a keep-sake to be kept discreetly on display or in a prominent place within your home. Talk with us about options that may suit your needs.

Urn Styles

Scattering Urns

Water Burial Urns

Burial Pillows

Bryan Falkenberg Silky Oak Urn Style #1

Bespoke Timber

Keepsake Urns

Pewter & Other Urns

Scattering Urns

These urns are designed to make the scattering of ashes more accessible, and an activity that is perhaps done by one person or a group. Ashes may be in one urn or divided into two or more smaller ones. When scattering ashes, be mindful of the weather, in particular, the wind direction. There is no difference between the urns or tubes, just the supplier.
Containers are modern prints, in a varieety of designs, using 100% biodegradable cardboard.



Pink Cherry Blossom


Grey Cherry Blossom




Tree of Life


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Large size suitable for the ashes of an adult –


Small size suitable for a keepsake amount of adult ashes or for a baby or child’s ashes –


Water Burial Urns

Many families wish to scatter the ashes of their loved one at sea. The weather at sea can often be unpredictable making scattering ashes on a windy day a difficult experience.

Life Cycle Deep Ocean urns allow you to gently place the ashes into the water. Made from 100% biodegradable paper and cornstarch, the urn begins to break down within minutes of being placed out at sea. You may also wish to do this off a beach or in a stream/river. Be mindful that councils have their own regulations and it is not advisable to try to have a water burial on a public and popular pier such as St Kilda. Use discretion.

Water Burial Urn – Autumn


Water Burial Urn – Cornflowers


Wateer Burial Urn – Butterfly


Suitable for all amounts of ashes. Made from 100% biodegradable paper and cornstarch –


Burial Pillows

Burial pillows are made from biodegradable cardboard and are designed to be buried in the ground.
The pillows are made from corrugated-styled cardboard. Available in two sizes, Large & Small.



Apple Tree


Cherry Blossom






Earthy Purple




Fern Tree


Floral Motif


Flower Tribe




Kimono Flower


Pink Blossom






Spring Blossom


Tree Fern


Wild Flower


Some designs may not always be in stock. Please contact us to discuss.

Large size suitable for the ashes of an adult –


Small size suitable for a keepsake amount of adult ashes or for a baby or child’s ashes –


Bespoke Timber Keepsake Urns

by Brian Falkenberg, Woodend artisan

Brian Falkenberg, a member of the Woodend Men’s Shed, undertook a two-year apprenticeship with a professional turner and has been producing wood turned items for more than 14 years.

He loves sharing his skills and encouraging others to enjoy learning this craft and creating fine objects. Brian’s work has been exhibited at the Stoneycreek Gallery in Daylesford; the Treehouse Gallery in Birregurra, at ‘Artisans at the Mill’ in Woodend and on Piper Street in Kyneton.

For all enquiries, please contact Natural Grace on 5427 3112.

Urns shown here are ‘keepsake’ size and may be used for a portion of ashes, or baby ashes.
Prices for the smaller ‘keepsake’ size urns start

 from $230

As they are bespoke urns, they can be crafted to hold approximately 2/3rds of an adult’s ashes (2 litres).
Prices for a larger urn for an adult’s ashes start from $350 depending on size, shape and timber

 from $350

All are created with love and care. Timber is subject to availability at the time of enquiry as it must have dried from 3-5 years. Brian selects timber himself that he knows the provenance of.

Pewter & Other Urns

There’s a wide selection of urns including pewter, Cloisonné and ceramic  – please talk with us for more details.

Note: Urns images below are not to scale, they are a mixture of small keepsake urns that fit in the palm of your hand; adult urns are much larger designed to hold all of a person’s ashes.

Urn Postage & Delivery Fees

Personal hand delivery within a radius of 50 km of our Sanctuaries –


Postage and handling for phone orders –

 from $125

Need help?

Talk with us about selection, ordering and having ashes transferred into your urn of choice.