Urns for different uses

Urns can be used for scattering ashes, having a water burial, or to bury ashes in the ground. Talk with us about options that may suit your needs.


Urns by Brian Falkenberg | Woodend artisan

Brian Falkenberg, a member of the Woodend Men’s Shed, undertook a two-year apprenticeship with a professional turner and has been producing wood turned articles for 12 years.  He loves sharing his skills and encouraging others to enjoy learning this craft and creating fine objects.  Brian’s work has been exhibited at the Stoneycreek Gallery in Daylesford; the Treehouse Gallery in Birregurra and at “Artisans at the Mill” in Woodend.

Illustrated below is a selection of Brian’s work.  These samples are keepsake sizes and can be replicated upon request.

Other Urns

There’s a wide selection of metal urns – please talk with us for more details.