A Shroud is a constructed cloth covering wrapped around the person for protection, utility and spiritual reverence in preparation for burial or cremation. 

Not all Cemetery Trusts know this gentle practice is possible or allow it to happen in their cemetery. Natural Grace will however, gladly advocate on your behalf and work with the Cemetery Trust of your choice. Should the cemetery not allow a shrouded burial, we would help you with an alternative cemetery in your area.

We are also happy to offer the loan of our beautiful ‘Artisan’ community coffin for transport and ceremony in conjunction with a shroud.


Burial and Cremation Shrouds

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Kinkaraco© Purelight Burial Shroud
Heaven and Earth Calico Shroud
Heaven & Earth© Organic Cotton Calico Shroud
GCT Moonah

Our trusted suppliers

Heaven and Earth Eco Burials and Kinkaraco Green Burial Products supply beautiful eco shroud options (links supplied in images). Alternatively shrouding for cremation can be done in special fabrics, sheets or blankets.


Community Coffin

For shrouded natural burials and shrouded cremation ceremonies.

At Natural Grace, instead of buying a coffin for a person who is going to have a shrouded burial, we offer an Artisan coffin with our love, free of charge. This means that your person travels in the community coffin for their funeral service and/or burial.

Our community coffin is also available for use for ceremonies when a simple shrouded cremation option had been chosen. Following a funeral service, your person is returned to our care and transferred into a timber shroud bearer prior to the cremation.

Community Coffin Image

Timber Shroud Bearer

This image shows what a person looks like gently wrapped (shrouded) and put in a shroud bearer before going to a crematorium.

Prepared for a Shrouded cremation

The shroud bearer has holes so jute lacing can be gently threaded through and criss-crossed over the body to secure the shrouded body for transport.

Shroud Bearer base
Shroud bearer with cover photo2

Here is a shroud bearer and a shroud bearer lid.

The shroud bearer is the lower part that contains the shrouded body, and the lid is used during transportation.

Need help?

Please email enquiries@naturalgrace.com.au or phone us on 1300 008 037 for assistance.