Gallery of Coffins, Shrouds, Urns

You will find here, pictures and prices of coffins, caskets, shrouds and urns. This is not everything that’s available but shows many of the most ecologically sound options.

Revelation wicker casket

Coffins and Caskets

We are proud to have an environmentally sustainable range of coffins, shrouds and urns. These are provided by certified suppliers and made from sustainably sourced timber, wicker or wool.

Shrouds by Kinkaraco Company

Shrouds and Bearers

A Shroud is a cloth constructed covering wrapped around the person for protection, utility and spiritual reverence in preparation for burial or cremation.

Porcelain Cremation Urn 1

Urns for different uses

Urns can be used for scattering ashes, having a water burial, or to bury ashes in the ground. Talk with us about options that may suit your needs.