When it comes to planning a funeral for your loved one, finding the right funeral directors in Geelong ensures the service you have will be arranged with compassion and dignity, along with being a true representation of your loved one’s life.

At Natural Grace, we pride ourselves on supporting you during this difficult time and creating a bespoke funeral service that is genuinely fitting for the person you are saying goodbye to.

Natural Grace: Funeral Directors in Geelong

Our funeral directors -serving the Geelong area are experienced in creating a beautiful ceremony that will serve as a lasting memorial to your loved one and allows you to say goodbye in a unique service. As each person is different, we do not have funeral packages to choose from, but rather we build a service that is authentic and real.


Natural Grace can be involved as much or as little as you choose. Many people like to opt for a family-led service and be involved in the planning to ensure the ceremony is just right for their loved one.

Create a lasting memory with a bespoke funeral service

Furthermore, our funeral directors serving Geelong can support you in caring for and preparing the body of your loved one in your home or in our premises. We can support you with using natural methods such as warm water and essential oils to prepare the body for cremation or burial, rather than embalming, as this can be detrimental to the environment.

If you choose to have the body of your loved one at our premises, you are welcome to visit and spend time with them and we have a comfortable lounge for you to use. You can also choose where you would like the ceremony to take place; it could be within your home or another place of significance. We can support you no matter where you choose for it to be and we can help you to decide upon different cost-saving options if you need to work to a budget.

Natural Grace offers eco-friendly funeral services and this includes how the body is prepared, the service itself and the burial or cremation process. We have a variety of environmentally friendly coffins, shrouds and urns to choose from. Many people know that even through death you can give something back to the earth and Natural Grace can support you to do this.

Natural Grace: creating the right ceremony for your loved one

If you need services from funeral homes serving Geelong, Natural Grace would be honoured to support you during your time of need.

All our staff are caring and genuinely care that your loved one is given the send-off they deserve. What’s more, when you choose Natural Grace, you will work with the same staff member throughout as we feel this is important to building relationships.

If you have any further questions about our services or how we can support you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.