The loss of a loved one is never easy to come to terms with, and while you are dealing with the early stages of your grief, you may need to plan a funeral.

At Natural Grace, we understand that you are going through an incredibly difficult time, and we are here to support you through one of the most challenging times in your life. We can help you to create a natural eco-funeral that gives your loved one a beautiful send-off and does not leave a negative impact on the Earth.

Natural Choices from Natural Grace

Returning the body to the ground in an eco-friendly funeral is often seen as poetic and fitting. At every step in the process, the caring staff at Natural Grace use natural products and methods while caring for your family member. We listen to you throughout and respect your wishes. As family and friends, we understand that you knew your loved one the most and so we always follow your wishes as we guide you through the process, giving you as much support as you need.



Natural Grace is environmentally and socially sustainable, and this forms one of our core principles. With an eco-friendly funeral, we ensure that we use natural products to care for the body before it is returned into the earth so that no unwanted toxic chemicals are entering the environment. This includes warm water, essential oils, goats milk soap, and organic skin and hair care products. We provide both natural burials and shrouded cremations. Rather than traditional coffins, our eco-funeral home can offer you sustainable coffins, shrouds, and urns. These are made from materials such as wicker, wool, timbers, and fabrics, and they will leave no harmful imprint on the environment.

We also highly encourage you to bring flowers from your garden. This can be a wonderful way to share blooms that your loved one enjoyed, and they can create a beautiful adornment for the service. Along with this, wherever possible, we suggest asking the local community to help with the catering. Many people want to help when you have lost a loved one, and providing the food for the funeral service is a lovely way to allow this and have a better impact on the environment.

An Eco-Friendly Funeral Service That is Designed with Your Loved One in Mind

Environmental funerals can be a beautiful way to give your loved one a fitting farewell. The services that we prepare with you are designed to reflect who they are, and help loved ones as they begin the healing process. We are here for you throughout. You will always work with the same person during the planning right through to the funeral. You can be sure that all our staff are kind and caring, and they will do their very best to ensure that your loved one gets the funeral service that is right for them.

Talk to us today and let us help you to create a green funeral for your loved one as you say goodbye.