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At Natural Grace, we are deeply sorry for your loss and we are there to support you in the planning of a funeral. We can be involved as much or as little as you choose.

A baby funeral service is something that no parent can ever imagine having to do and you may not even know where to begin. Our kind, caring and compassionate staff can guide you through the process, explaining the choices you have and how you can prepare your baby for a natural goodbye.

Personalised Infant Funeral Services

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We offer three care options Mizuko, Blossom and Hummingbird designed for miscarriage, babies born still and babies who die soon after birth.

For babies and children over 28 days old, we are proud to work with The Willow Tree Foundation who care for families when a child dies.

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Our Mizuko offering is designed for miscarriage, babies born still and for babies who die soon after birth and suits those families who prefer a simple approach to caring for their babies’ body.

This includes a wicker basket coffin and a hand-made blanket, and a respectful cremation. Please see our price guide for more details.

From $1,295.

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Our Blossom offering is designed for miscarriage, babies born still and for babies who die soon after birth. This offering suits those families would like to escort their baby to the cemetery for a short farewell prior to burial or cremation.

This includes a wicker basket coffin and a hand-made blanket. Please see our price guide for more details.

From $1,740.

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The Hummingbird offering is designed for those families would like to hold a funeral ceremony for their baby. We will guide you in all aspects of funeral planning including engagement of celebrant/religious leader, venue hire, flowers, newspaper notices, audio visual, livestreaming, memorial stationery and catering. Together we will create a truly special space to honour your baby.

from $2,560.

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For wicker basket and coffin options, please see our booklet here

All our care offerings can be tailored to meet your family’s cultural, emotional, and spiritual needs.

  • We are committed to ensuring that you have ample time to say “Hello” to your baby, before you find the perfect way to say “Goodbye”.
  • And we encourage you to spend as much time with your baby after birth as you need – cuddles, bathing, dressing, memory making… 
  • Natural Grace can help you to take care of your baby at home or in our care space.
  • Our home-based care offering supports you with a ‘cuddle cot’ and 24/7 phone support and home visits as required.
  • Alternatively, we can help create ‘vigil’ time for your family to hold and spend time with your baby in one of our Sanctuaries.
  • A funeral service for your baby is a deeply personal choice. It does not have to be in a church or official building, but can be anywhere of your choosing, such as your home or somewhere peaceful in nature.
  • You may also like to consider a secular ‘chapel’ space at your chosen cemetery. No matter where you would like it to be, we can help you to create the perfect funeral for your baby.
  • All our infant care packages include an ethically made, sustainable wicker basket coffin. You are welcome to make another choice if you wish. We can guide you through all the options available to you.
We encourage you to take this time as slowly and gently as you can. We are here for your family when you are ready.

For bereavement support and professional counselling.

Red Nose Grief (including SANDS)24/7 phone support on 1300 308 307

Centre for Perinatal Psychology

Antenatal & Postnatal Psychology Network

For babies born under 20 weeks – you may like to apply free of charge for an ‘Early pregnancy loss commemorative certificate’ from The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages here

Talk with us about an urn for your baby