Libby Moloney

Holistic Funeral Director

Founder and Managing Director of Natural Grace, Libby will gently and respectfully walk alongside you on this important journey.

Jacqui Morgan

Holistic Funeral Director

Our holistic mortician, Jacqui will work with you to provide a gentle and honouring transition.

David Ryan

Holistic Funeral Director

David works seamlessly with you to provide a caring, thoughtful and authentic funeral.

Jodie Ritchie

Practice Manager

Jodie will most often answer your call and is pleased to support you should you have any questions. Jodie is fully aware of the progress of your funeral planning and will work tirelessly to ensure you are fully supported at all times.

Damian Jens

Funeral Attendant and Driver

As a proud face of Natural Grace, Damian’s gentle approach combined with his nurturing and caring qualities make for a comforting presence.